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The Fifty Collection Magazine

As the world grows ever more inwardly focused, Meghan Baker decided to use her passion of photography to shine a light on the lesser seen corners of the globe. From her passion, The Fifty Collection was born.

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The Fifty Collection logo design
Fisherman wearing hoodie holding a net
Streetside market store at nighttime
Rickshaw driver sitting in India

Wanting to reflect the artistic and visual foundation of the business, we decided to combine a simple grid pattern as we felt that it would better showcase the focus of the magazine, its imagery. Bold typography would be used as support.

Various magazine cover designs
Woman flicking through magazine on white table
Magazine cover sitting on bed
Indian man sitting outside a store in the evening

The results were much more than we had anticipated. Each magazine became an item to be sought after, to be collected. While the branding itself wasn’t overly striking, the real hero was the contemporary layout coupled with incredible imagery. A real keepsake to be proud of.

Man sitting on mountain with camera
Magazines hanging from clips against wall

This was such a daunting task for me, the uncertainty of success. Duchamp Design really helped me throughout the process with the support that I needed. I couldn’t have done this without the expertise and advice that they afforded me. Again, many, many thanks!

– Meghan Baker / Founder

magazine layout designs
four magazine layout designs

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