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Illume Events Management

Intending to fill a niche in the market, Illume Events Management was launched in mid 2018 and has since become a leading events planning and booking portal for public and private enterprise.

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Illume events portal logo design
Red ballon released during evening
Woman at carnival waving blue smoke
Filming fireworks on mobile phone at night

Playing with the word Illume, we decided to pursue the idea that Illume was “cutting through the dark or the fog” of the events management world. Our focus was to utilise simple iconography that was both striking and represented the idea of a candleflame.

Illume website design
Toast with champagne at wedding
Woman wearing event lanyard
Fireworks in evening over a city

Illume was extremely pleased with the results. Not only did the final brand look high end, it tied in cohesively together with the name. Simple enough to be used on shirts and collateral but striking enough to create a memorable business card.

Illume event security wearing fluorescent vest
Sunshine Coast Event Management in white room

Big thank you to the guys at Duchamp Design. Not only was our logo something to behold the site design was exactly what we needed! Simple to use and lovely to look at, very pleased!

– Emma Wilson / Founder

Illume website page highlight

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