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Having operated salons across South-East Queensland for a number of years, Katrina felt a desire to give back to the industry that had served her so well. Katrinas School of Hair and Beauty opened soon after and has now been teaching students the highest industry standards for nearly 10 years. Recently Katrina expressed interest in giving the acadamy it’s own online space with the creation of a brand new website.


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Company Location

Morayfield, QLD Australia

Date of completion

June 2020

Project Description

As an established name in the south-east Queensland beauty industry, Katrina felt it was time for the expansion of her School of Beauty. The aim was to design and build a site that would house all course information, student experience and allow the school to create it’s online identity separate to that of the salons.

It was important to Katrina that the site’s language, imagery and style remain “what you see, is what you get”, as the down-to-earth and relatable attitude spoke to her above the false facade that can come with the beauty industry.

Our Solution

From our initial research of the immediate competition we were able to develop a concise navigation tree that functioned as the foundation to build upon. From there it was a case of utilising powerful images with relevant information and consistent call-to-actions to funnel prospective students to make an enquiry.

“We were nervous undertaking such a large update for our school, having operated the same way for so long it turned out to be absolutely worth it. We couldn’t be happier with the result. The school will be able to carve it’s own space online thanks to the work done by Duchamp Design and the team. Thanks for being so accommodating during it all!”

Katrina Gilligan
Owner, Founder


Katrina was extremely happy with the results of the project, with the new site combining simplicity of layout, language and imagery exactly how she envisioned. She had high praise for our team as she found working alongside us to be a painless and reassuring throughout the process.


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