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The recently established Imperator Streetware offers the latest trends in streetware and fashion. Having cemented their place in the heart of Melbourne, Imperator operated through pop-up stores for a number of months, before gaining a large enough following to settle on a permanent location. The founders of the label contacted our team to take on the development of the brand.


Branding / Web Design / Packaging

Company Location

Melbourne, VIC Australia

Date of completion

March 2019

Project Description

The founders of Imperator approached our team with an outline of their launch timeline, requesting we develop a brand identity and eCommerce store for the launch. Our timeline was to coincidence this official opening later the same year.

As this brand identity would be used across all signage, packaging and tags, Imperator requested concepts be visually powerful with the aim of leaving an impression on customers who interacted both in-store and online.

Our Solution

Driven by the idea of “a lasting impression” and the very Roman name of “Imperator” we created what could be described as a stamp or physical brand. Something to be pressed onto a surface to see a lasting image, something reminiscent of the Roman style through contemporary re-imagining.

“Duchamp Design was invaulable during this process. The work they did building our final brand tied our store, sales and the site together it really helped open the doors for us on launch day!

I can’t wait to see where this will all take us as we move into the new year. I can safely say it wouldn’t have been possible without these guys.”

Richard Oliver


The team from Imperator was extremely grateful for our ability to fit within their lauch timeline. With one less stress from their shoulders they appreciated the foundational work we had taken to develop something they were proud to, in their words “spread across the neighbourhood”.

Branding | Packaging | Label Design

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Branding | Web Design | Packaging

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