The Immaculate Consumptive


Four “no-wave” artists, Marc Aarons, Nick Carey, Lydia Light and Clint Richards, have collaborated to form “The Immaculate Consumptive”. Despite the bands relative infancy, the members are confident a collaboration will be well received. Marking the then upcoming release, our agency was approached to produce album artwork, promotional advertising and limited merchandise for the event.


Advertising  /  Packaging  /  Artwork

Company Location

Sydney, NSW Australia

Date of completion

February 2018

Project Description

We were tasked with creating artwork that would used for the bands upcoming album release. At our suggestion physical copies would be accompanied with a limited, promotional merchandise run to incentivise sales. We were to develop advertising solutions for digital usage depending on budget allowance, as well as venue posters to be used during their tour.

The band asked we review the ablum early and meet the members one-on-one to understand the message they intended to promote. In the case of this release it focused on mental health and improving ones state of mind.

Our Solution

The word duality drove this piece, two minds, one human and one higher, controling the one space. We worked hard to create a piece that worked with two distinct parts. One face would remain dominant, the other while faded would create a “third eye” representing the minds higher influence over the whole.

“It was difficult finding the right team for what we wanted. We wanted them to understand the heart of the band and our sound. On behalf of everyone, we couldn’t be happier with the result. Artwork and merch produced was better then we could have hoped. Looking forward to working with you guys again!”

Tim Garrett


Immaculate was blown away with the final album artwork and merchandise solutions we produced, the album artwork was adapted for all promotional advertising as well as digital streaming services. The band appreciated the time we took to get to know them to understand the “heart of the band”.

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