Blackstone Vineyard


Stanthorpe, Qld Australia

August 2018

Client Background

The Blackstone Vineyard has been a staple of the Queensland wine industry for decades thanks to an experienced team dedicated to cultivating a high quality grape and high quality reputation. Under new partnership, the management have expressed their desire to reach a wider market through new branding and line of updated labels that will be rolled across all products.

Project Description

Our team was requested to support the Blackstone rebrand through the development of a contemporary brand and packaging solution. Initially  limited to the launch itself, this packaging would eventually be rolled out across the entire range, 2018 vintage and onward.

While the primary focus of this project would be the development of this packaging, our team was also asked to create all printed material that would be used during the launch event.

Our Solution

Our team felt that a contemporary “re-invention” of Victorian typography could be an effective solution for Blackstone. Designed to be used on glass the clear labeling was easy to produce and shone when placed onto a shelf. A simpler label was produced to act as a brand for stationary and so on.

“We were extremely impressed with the professionalism of Duchamp Design, they took all of our suggestions and ideas on board and created a packaging run that we were excited to stand behind! When it comes to branding I wouldn’t look anywhere but these guys.”

Rufus Stephens


The partners were very happy with the clever packaging solution devised as well as the label designs themselves. The solution was far below budget expectations and allowed for greater investment in advertising, something that Blackstone greatly benefited from.

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